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Supervised by Margaret Eichler, PhD, NCC, LPC, ACS

My Approach

To be in context, is to find oneself socially located and affirmed in the present in a way that can only be done through a relational framework. Our unfolding life is informed by past experience including those struggles which continue to impact us and those which we have overcome. The journey is directed by our intentions, hope and our ability to respond rather than react to what is emerging for us.


By integrating the past, achieving more security in one's identity(s), and being internally and externally resourced in the present, a person can move forward with a renewed agency, live more freely and experience greater authenticity. They can become willing and able to engage in new and vital life experiences, which can then inform new identity exploration and self-acceptance.


At In Context, I work with my clients to help them integrate and become clear on those identities and intersectionalities that are most empowering while affirming and resourcing those in which they are most marginalized so that they can move with more certainty towards that which they are becoming. It is through a highly relational and collaborative therapeutic process, located within an existential and gestalt framework, that I assist my clients to move through through adversity and journey towards a space of greater authenticity and freedom. This new space and emerging location can be realized as contextually different from the previously felt sense of restriction which has been formed in response to external (systemic oppression) and internalized (self) invalidation.


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