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Fees & Insurance

My current fee range is $80-120/hr. and I do offer a sliding scale with limited availability for individuals showing need. I always offer a free 30-min in-person or phone consult to explore your goals for therapy and relational fit for you. My rates differ for the varying clinical services I provide and will most likely be updated in 2019 (please see the current fee schedule and agreement above for current rates).

I am in the process of getting paneled with several major insurance carriers but don't anticipate being able to bill those carriers until 1st quarter 2019. Until then, as a fully-licensed professional counselor (LPC), you may be able to access out-of-network benefits for my services. Please check with your carrier to see if I'm listed as an out-of-network provider and what your expected costs will be. If approved, I can provide you with a billing summary at any time that you can then submit to your carrier for possible reimbursement. These billing summaries will most likely need to have your current diagnoses listed to be considered for reimbursement and the level of reimbursement is always dependent on your individual plan and out-of-network benefits. In some cases, I may be able to pursue a single-case agreement with your carrier so that you can access in-network benefits for my services, particulary when seeing me for gender affirming psychotherapy.

Insurance benefits

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