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Gender & Identity

Affirming Psychotherapy


Transgender, Non-binary, Queer, and Questioning individuals


A place for you to explore
and become more of who you are...




About Ryan

Philosophy of Care

At In Context, I strive to create safer space for my patients to explore those issues and challenges that most affect their quality of life and their relationship to themselves and others. I practice from an existential and gestalt framework to help patients raise a critical awareness of themselves that is socially located and honors their varied intersectionalities. My client's healing and growth in therapy will be evidenced by their lived experience of freedom from restriction, new desire and capacity for authenticity, and a sustained willingness to explore new and affirming experiences and ways of being in the world.


My practice is solely devoted to providing gender and identity-affirming individual, couples, and family psychotherapy for transgender, non-binary and other gender-expansive individuals. Additionally, I also provide identity-affirming therapy for the greater queer and LGB community. I provide medical and surgery readiness assessments and referrals for gender-affirming medical care and counseling support for families wishing to better understand and affirm their loved ones.


While many of my clients come to me to explore their gender, others are looking to explore other mental health concerns with an affirming therapist. In both cases, I assist those struggling with depression and anxiety, grief and loss, relationship and intimacy, identity formation, past and current trauma, life transitions, and neurodiversity when it impacts functioning. As an existential therapist, I generally lean into concerns related to identity, authenticity, freedom, death and impermanence, isolation, meaninglessness, and spiritual life. I am trained in EMDR as a trauma-processing modality as well as somatic approaches.

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